How to really format an usb drive in Windows with command prompt

cleanhdSometimes, when you can’t format an usb drive, because there’s an EFI partition or something else. And you’re working on Windows try diskpart.

Open a command prompt with admin rights (right click and open as admin)
Type in:


You will see: DISKPART>
Then find your (usb) disk

list disk

You will see something like:

Disk 1 Online 1950 GB, etc

Try to find your disk (most of the times you can see it on the size, and dont select the wrong one. Then select that disk with, where n is the corresponding number:

select disk n

To remove all partitions:


Optional: to use mbr or gpt

convert mbr or gpt

Now to create a partition

create partition primary

Then we select and activate the partition

select part 1


Format the filesystem with:

format fs=ntfs or fat32

Assign letter with, where X is the letter

assign letter X

Then exit with