How to fix forked-daapd (iTunes server for linux), use Tangerine

DOES NOT WORK! (With forked-daapd)
Update: Scroll down to see instructions for Tangerine. This one works.

The latest forked-daapd stops streaming after a few minutes on Ubuntu.

To remind myself how to compile forked-daapd 0.19 so it doesnt stop streaming after 5 minutes.

Check for the necessary dependencies on (create from tarball):

sudo -s
tar xvf forked-daapd-0.19.tar.gz
cd forked-daapd-0.19/
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --enable-flac --enable-musepack --enable-itunes
make install

Binary: /usr/local/
Config: /etc/ enable-ipv6=yes in the config
Database: /usr/cache/
Log: /var/log/

Edit avahi-daemon.conf


Use Tangerine on a headless server to stream music to iTunes 10.6.
Note. Banshee is quite big, around 150mb.

sudo -s
apt-get install tangerine banshee

Edit the config file

vi /root/.tangerine

Change the settings to your needs.


;name for the service, default is '$USER's Music"
;name = bob's Music

;print extra debug info, default is 'no'
;debug = no

;the file to log to, default is none
;log_file = tangerine.log

;file containing /etc/passwd style usernames and passwords
;default is no auth
;password_file = tangerine.passwd

;maximum number of users to allow, default is 0 (unlimited)
;max_users = 5

;the port to listen on, default is a random free port
port = 3689

;whether or not to announce the service on the network
;default is 'yes'
;publish = yes

;load the 'file' plugin
;other plugins available include 'ipod', 'beagle', and 'session'
;separate plugins by comma
plugins = file

;directories to export separated by colon , default is ~/Music
;directories = /home/bob/Music:/some/other/directory:/another/directory

Edit some file:

vi /etc/mono/config

Add this line under the Windows section. Replace () for <>, wordpress doesnt show the code

(dllmap dll="libgobject-2.0.dll" target="")

Add the following to crontab (still in sudo) to start at startup:

crontab -e

Add the following line

@reboot tangerine

If your music library is big, it will take a while before the server shows up. Have patience 🙂

This should be working 🙂