How to install Hyperion on the Raspberry Pi for ambilight

What is Hyperion? Hyperion is another implementation of the ambilight, which seems to have a low cpu usage. After using hyperion, i can conclude it’s notably faster. The following guide is for Raspberry Pi model B with the latest (march 2014) Raspbmc and 50 leds type ws2801. I’ve used the same hardware setup as here:… read more »

Project: DIY Ambilight (boblight) with Raspberry Pi

August 2013 Alright so you have a raspberry pi and xbmc (with Raspbmc). But wouldn’t it be awesome to have Ambilight with it? I thought it would! So after i read some about it, i thought there should be a clear and easy guide. Also I don’t like to buy stuff when I can use… read more »