How to mount USB drive on the Raspberry Pi

Guide to mount external usb disk and automount at boot. Connect to the raspberry pi with terminal/putty. Let’s start with sudo sudo -s Connect your usb drive and type: fdisk -l You will see something like this: In the image above you can see the mounted device is on /dev/sda1. It could be that yours… read more »

How to install Couchpotato, Sickbeard and Headphones on the Raspberry Pi

How to automate downloading files with couchpotato (movies), sickbeard (series) and headphones (music) for the raspberry pi. In this guide i’ll only use torrents. First we need to install git sudo -s apt-get install git python2.7 python-cheetah python-openssl Couchpotato Create user and download couchpotato and move the folder to a more logic place useradd –system… read more »

How to install Transmission (torrent client) on the Raspberry Pi

I’ve been using transmission for some time now and so far it has been a good torrent client. To install follow the following steps. Connect to the raspberry pi with ssh or open a terminal. Let’s be sudo to make it easier sudo -s Install with apt-get install transmission-daemon It’s done installing, time to add… read more »